Lloyd Cook and Alexis Upton-Knittle are two of the main partners in the Fernwood Group, Inc., a real estate investment firm. They buy, sell and hold real estate using creative real estate principles. In addition, Lloyd has been a land surveyor for over 30 years; Alexis worked in Human Resources Management at UCLA for many years, speaks French and Spanish and is a hypnotherapist.  Each of them have been investing in real estate for over 30 years. With their diverse background, they are dedicated to finding win-win solutions. They are now enjoying running their company from their 10 acre ranch in Southern California.
The Fernwood Group, Inc.
Family owned and operated
Lloyd Cook and Alexis Upton-Knittle, owners
P O Box 738, Leona Valley, CA  93551
(661) 270-0065     fax: (661) 414-8999
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