Vacant Land for sale by owner  Owner will carry:  

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Some examples of our land financing 

West Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County Properties:     

                     SOLD    50th St West Zone R-3, one acre on Ave.L-14  
click here    61st St West at Ave C-10 & C-12, Lancaster, CA 93536, TWO 2.5 acre lots, 28k each NEW
click here   71th St, West at Ave G-14  Antelope Acres , CA 93536 1.25 acre lot,  $15k
click here   77th St West at Ave E-5, 2.5 acres - Antelope Acres, CA 93536,  $29k
click here   132nd St West at Ave H-4, Lancaster, CA 93536,  2.5 acre (gross) parcel, $15k 
click here    NOT AVAILABLE  160th West on Ave A-12,  Lancaster, CA 93536   20 acres  SOLAR LOT
click here     163th St West at Ave A, Lancaster, CA 93536,  2.25 acre gross (1.62 acre net) lot, $19k
click here    NOT AVAILABLE 165th St West at Ave A, Lancaster, with power CA 93536, two 2.5 acre lots, total of 5 acres
click here    NOT AVAILABLE 173rd St West and Avenue A, Lancaster, CA 93536,  2.32 acre (gross, 0.93 acre net) lot
click here    186th St West and Avenue E, with power Lancaster, 93536  Neenach area,  5 acre parcel, $49k
click here   189th St West at Ave B-10, Lancaster, CA 93536,  2.5 acre (gross) parcel, $19k
click here   190th St West and Ave. A-10,  with power  West Lancaster, CA  93536,  2 acre lot, $19k  
click here   190th St West at Ave B-3, with power & pvmt. Lancaster,  93536, 2.2 acre (gross) parcel, $19k 
click here   190th St West and Ave. E-8 Lancaster, CA 93536,  2.5 acre lot, $15k 
                   SOLD 193rd St West at Ave B-12, Lancaster, CA 93536,  10 acre parcel, SOLD
                   SOLD  210th St West  on Hwy 138  with power & pvmt. Lancaster 93536,  1.8 acre corner lot, 
click here    219th St West on Ave. E-3 Lancaster, CA 93536  10 acres, nice views, $69k
click here    219th St West on Ave. E-7 Lancaster, CA 93536  3.7 acres, nice views, Elec near by, $35k
click here   NOT AVAILABLE  239th St West  on Ave A, Lancaster, CA 93536,  20 acre parcel, SOLAR LOT    
click here   242th St. West on Ave. A-8, at, Lancaster, 10 acres (adjoining 10 acres are available) $75k & $70k  NEW

Lake Hughes Lots for sale

East Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County Properties:          

click here  Sierra Hwy at Barrel Springs Rd, at SE corner with power, tel, pvmt & water, Palmdale, CA  $14k 
click here   50th St East at Ave F-10, with power & pvmt 1.25 acre (gross) parcel Lancaster,  $14k
click here  63th St East on Ave H, with power & pvmt. 1.25 acre (gross) parcel, Lancaster, Not available 
click here  80th St East at SW corner of Ave G-8, 2.5 acres (gross) parcel,   Lancaster, $14k 
click here  80th St East on Ave H, with water well, 2.5 acres (gross) parcel, Lancaster,  $39k 
click here  87th St East 300 feet south of Lancaster Blvd, 2.5 acre lot, Lancaster, $19k
click here  90th St East on Ave D-12  with water well, 2.5 acres (gross) lot,  Lancaster, $39k 
click here   90th St East on Ave. D-4, Four  1.25  acre lots, $9k to $12k each  
click here   90th St East  on Ave E-2, 2 City size lots,  Lancaster, $5.5k for both together 
click here    Not available 91st St East on Pillsbury St, with power, tel & water, 3/4 acre  parcel, Lancaster, Not available 
click here   97th St East, on Ave D-4, with Electricity & Telephone, 9.1 acres, Lancaster, $68k   
click here   100th St. East near Ave I-12, with power,  2.5, 5 and 7.5 acre parcels, Lancaster, $22k, 49k & $69k  
click here   123rd St  East, on Ave H,  2.5 acre (gross) lot,  Lancaster, $17k 
click here   140th St East on Ave G-12, 7.5 acre parcel   Lancaster, $31k   
click here   140th St East on Ave G-14, 5 acre parcel, Lancaster, $24k
click here   145th East and K-8, with power 22.91 acre parcel, Lancaster, $75k 
click here   150th St East at Ave L-12, with power 10 acre parcel, Lancaster, $75k
click here   155th st  East, on Ave M with power 2.5 acres (gross) parcel Lancaster, $19k
click here   165th St East, S of Mackennas Gold, with power, tel, pvmt & water, Half Acre lot, Lake LA, $22k 
click here   165th St East, on Stagecoach, with power, tel, pvmt & water, Half Acre lot, Lake LA, $22k
                          SOLD   171th St East, on Ave O, with power, tel, pvmt & water     SOLD
click here   175th East and Nugent Street, with power, 3.77 acre Lot Lancaster, $19k
click here   185th St East, on Ave G with power, tel & pvmt. 2.5 acre (gross) parcel, Lancaster, $14k
click here   233rd St East, 3/4 mile north of Pearblossom Hwy, with power, 44.6 acres Llano, CA  93544, $69k 
click here    Hwy 138 at Ave Z, 0.7 acre parcel, with power,   Llano, CA  93544,  $6.9k    


click here  12 City size lots with power, tel, pvmt & water in the "Silver Saddle Ranch & Club"  
                      area, City of California City, $9k each
click here  2.5 acres on 10th St West, 440 feet north of Avenue A, Rosamond, with power, tel & water, $39k
click here  City size lot on North Loop Blvd, City of California City,  with power, tel, pvmt & water, $17k
                    SOLD  5 acres on 145th St West, 600 feet north of Avenue A, in  West Rosamond, CA  93560 
click here  Two 10 acre lots on SW corner of  Favorito Ave at 30th St West Rosamond, CA, $29k each 
click here   20 acres on Champagne Ave and 30th St West, in  North Rosamond, CA, $21k
                 SOLD 26 acres on 260th St. West on the L. A. / Kern County line near Holiday Lake in Kern Co, SOLD
click here  80 acres  0.25 mi North of  Randsburg Cutoff Rd, 0.75 miles West of the 14 Frwy, $249k
click here    SOLD  20 acres with elec on Willow Ave, West of 130th St West, 1.5 miles north of the Los   Angeles
                     County line, in the West Rosamond area of Kern County, CA  93560. Clear and flat land.
click here    Two 42 acre lots on 95th St West, one half mile north of the 58 frwy, Mojave, $79k each

Phelan land, San Bernardino County:

2.3 acre lot on Sleepy Hollow Lane South of Phelan Rd, neat Eaby  35k
Lots, land & Acreage for sale with owner financing.
 The Fernwood Group, Inc.
Lloyd Cook and Alexis Upton-Knittle, owners
P O Box 738, Leona Valley, CA  93551
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